Libra Sun Leo Moon

This is one of the romantic positions whether the romanticism takes the form of poetry and art, or whether it simply makes you susceptible to romance in its less constructive form.

Some quality of romantic temperament and artistic ability will attach to you in any case. Your ideals are your guiding stars, and you will stick to them to the end, believing in them as in a religion. There is something devotional about your nature anyway, both in matters of human affection and also in a more abstract way. You have an active and conscious idealism which you always strive to live up to, and in some way or other generally succeed. You are independent, especially where your love or your ideals are concerned – or your art, if you are an artist. You believe in art for art’s (and for your own) sake and are unlikely to let considerations of commercial value or of expediency interfere with either your art or your love. You are ardent, sincere, and honorable in your love.

There is a kind of naivete about you that invites deception and you have to learn to be unforgiving and to remember your unpleasant experiences. You are such an idealist and such an optimist that the blows of the world glance off you. You remember the pleasant and forget the unpleasant – an admirable trait in personal dealings so long as you learn by experience what sort of thing to watch out for the next time.

Grant Lewi

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Personality traits

Libra Sun Leo Moon natives are very motivated to interact with other people. They are not happy when being told only half of a life story. These natives are the type who want to hear more than one point of view.

What makes them tick is sharing. That’s why they want to exchange ideas, to give and take, to differentiate themselves as individuals while making appreciations through others’ eyes.

Libra Sun Leo Moon people are the type who relies on intuition and not on reason. And sometimes, their hunches prove to be correct and effective. Their Moon will reflect their Sun’s personality most of the time.

But they will still have the need to be praised and admired. These natives want validation from others more than anything else. Their individuality will be nourished by acceptance and authenticity. Being unique motivates them to be better.

The Libra Sun Leo Moon man

The Libra Sun Leo Moon man is very attractive, not to mention that he has a likable personality too. This guy simple spreads his charm wherever he’s going.

Other men will feel like they don’t have a chance with the women when around him. And he’s a treasure because he likes to make people feel good even if his life is a complete chaos.

The position of the Moon makes him able to deal with anything. And this thing about him will impress everyone. You can trust this guy to never be boring. His life will always go through many changes.

It’s easy to impress this man. He can be inconsistent in love. But this would be useful if he’d have to travel or would work as an artist.

The Libra Sun Leo Moon woman

The Libra Sun Leo Moon woman is dramatic and prefers to play any role to inspire, motivate and bring harmony. Positive and always active, this lady doesn’t need too much from others. Her friends will most likely be influential.

The perfect job for this woman is one that requires her to travel and exchange ideas. She could be a great theater director too.

But no matter what she does, you can rely on her to be honest, hardworking and important. She’s not the traditional mother but she can play this role perfectly.

She will teach her children all about her values and interests. And her husband will love her even after the passion is supposed to have gone between them.

The Leo Moon uses the Libra Sun’s fuel to reflect a personality who needs to be admired, appreciated and acknowledged as being special. Most of all: validated.  This individual is nourished through the acceptance of him or her as an authentic and creative human being. After all, putting their unique stamp and signature on life is something they’re highly motivated by, so why can’t they receive YOUR official endorsement? It’s only right.

When this combination lacks integration, it loses balance and starts to hyperextend in it’s desire to please and entertain. Libra is driven to be regarded as “nice”,polite, kind and just an overall good person. This psychological need can create co-dependency and an environment which encourages overly adaptive behavior. Where Libran “good deeds” are no longer aimed at mutual satisfaction, but rather to appease and placate. This dynamic combines itself with overt displays of Leoine attention seeking antics, which are motivated by a fear of losing the limelight, or just being seen as an ordinary mortal, as we all are at some time or another.

A constructive use of this blend can be expressed by mastering the art of timing.

Using social intelligence to follow nuances and queues which indicate when it’s time to perform, or “take it to the stage.” Consequently, when it’s really your time, you’re not stealing anyone’s light. Rather, you’re radiating yours. Your authenticity has the chance to shine through because you’re aware of your own value, which is too vast to be measured in dollars and cents. You can simply be yourself without having to chase “mass appeal.”

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