Libra Sun Leo Rising

With an attention-getting and sometimes striking appearance and an “I can handle it” attitude, these people might be quite noticeable in a crowd. And even when they don’t immediately stand out, their robust behavior grabs people’s attention sooner or later.

The generosity of a Lordly Leo personality is a great attribute for generating that “I give you two, you give me four, I give you eight” snowball effect that Libra thrives on. These Librans are great at rallying support for their causes, particularly when they make effective use of their Libra awareness of others. Of course, Leo is masterful at creating big impressions and delivering showstopping performances, so when coupled with Libra’s obligingness and desire to be liked there’s a best-foot-forward here that’s unusually successful at getting what it wants. All they need to do is be gracious in their delivery and let people know that their generosity is motivated by their love to entertain and make people feel better about themselves. After all, a good time among friends is precious, and these Librans know it better than most. When circumstances call for a more serious approach, their Leo competence couples nicely with their “Did I do my share?” Libra. It’s just a matter of not letting Leo’s “me, me, me” get in the way. When they buy their friends a ticket to an attraction, it needs to be a ticket to their friends’ favorite attraction and not a ticket to their own favorite one. If their friends and colleagues feel like their needs and desires are truly being considered, these Librans will be well-received, earn approval, and inspire confidence in others, while getting the attention they crave. What a deal! It’s all a matter of keeping an eye on their audience’s reaction and avoiding coming off as too self-serving.

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