Libra Sun Libra Moon

You are romantic with a sort of mystic faith in other people and the power of others to help you, that may meet with scant justification in the world as you find it. Sensitive, daydreaming, you are likely to be hurt by the impact of romance, and by the worldliness of other people which will seem gross and not ideal to you. From this injury you are all too prone to seek flight, either in the inner recesses of your own consciousness, or in occult studies, spiritualism, anything that is otherworldly, remote, detached, ideal rather than real, spiritual rather than corporeal. You are gullible and easily led, especially when your emotional nature is appealed to, and through wearing your heart on your sleeve you are rather likely to have it punctured. There’s a sort of ethereal quality about you that lends you grace and charm. You are a creature of another planet – probably Venus, the planet of love – where human relations may be as ideal as you wish them to be; but until you learn to take people as you find them here on earth, you are in for a lot of jolts. There is a certain intellectual precociousness to this position – you develop early, before your emotional nature is matured, and, in the presence of loving parents, can be the joy of the house as a child. Harshness and unkindness, sharp words, anger, are anathema to you. This is the position of Sweet Alice (Ben Bolt) who “wept with delight if you gave her a smile, and trembled with fear at your frown.”

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