Libra Sun Libra Rising

Need someone to do a job for you? These are the people to ask: They can give you a list of competent people. Great referrals and recommendations are in their bailiwick. They’re usually so well-connected they seem to always know just the right person for any occasion. And do Likable Librans born around dawn ever enjoy occasions, especially social or productive business occasions. Double Librans are doubly inclined towards the “I don’t wanna be alone” attitude that sometimes drives Librans into difficult relationships and, unfortunately, keeps them there. They’re also doubly inclined towards meddling; they’re so aware of everyone else’s situation that minding their own business can be a tall order. But the good news is that with self-awareness, these Librans can tap into the temperance and balance that’s an innate part of their consciousness and keep themselves from going to extremes. It’s their Likable Libra balance that makes them such gifted diplomats: They’re able to weigh the options so precisely that they find the most equitable equation almost every time.

An example of this temperance in action is its potential effect on Libra’s characteristic indecisiveness. Librans are well-known for their “eenie, meenie, minie, moe, left or right, I don’t know … oh, hell, wait and see” behavior. Yet without proper balance, this habit can become a sort of paralysis, an excuse to never make a decision, or, on the other hand, a provocation for Librans to chide themselves as hopeless procrastinators. But when Librans are at their temperate best, their “wait and see” becomes a mantra that almost always works to their benefit. It compels them to look both ways before crossing the street and keeps them from rushing recklessly into ill-conceived projects; it helps them develop patience; it reminds them of the universal truth that everything develops in its own good time, that spring follows winter and won’t be hurried along by human restlessness; it enables them to stop and smell the roses as nature takes its course.

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