Libra Sun Pisces Moon

Your reserve and shyness are your strengths, for in solitude and timidity you build up strength and inner poise which, when expressed in the world, lends your personality a peculiar charm that comes from your reserve. You are sociable, capable of wide popularity, yet, however charming and gracious you may be, people sense that you have depths they cannot probe and an air of mystery hangs around you that increases your interest. You’re impressionable, romantic, just, and sincere. You are capable of grasping abstractions and intricacies, both mentally and emotionally and you have a trick of appearing very obvious and plausible when you may be actually very subtle and involved. You can outguess almost anyone for you are a born diplomat or detective. The crooked ways are straight to you, and, utterly honest yourself, you can scent a crook at five hundred yards and track him down. You are intuitive rather than intellectual, and you glean knowledge from ‘observation rather than from deep study. You are a student of human nature and know your fellow men with a disturbing accuracy. You are capable, however, under the spell of romance or adventure, of being fooled in people. This is when you fail to follow your hunches for you are not likely to go far wrong when you follow your secret heart. This is a position that can bring you considerable prestige through dealings with the general public, and which will make you felt in whatever circle you move; you have an unusual personality. You can change from expansive to secretive in a minute and are capable of falling into moodiness which can be very dangerous to your peace of mind. You feel the woes of the world keenly; inequalities depress you. You are a lover of justice, and of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

This is a position of the philosophic Utopian, rather than of the revolutionary, who will none the less work practically for the betterment of the people and for his own betterment.

Grant Lewi

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