Libra Sun Pisces Rising

Peaceful, gracious, and fascinating is the name of the game here! These folks are good listeners with more to add than you might think. They’re so prone to continually acquiesce to the people around them that you might never find out what they were going to say. These are among the most empathetic people on the planet. Gentle Pisces with involved Libra always has a genuine concern. There’s a bit of a delicate demeanor about these Librans that makes the cultivation of pleasing relationships a top priority. Yes, the Libra ego thrives on connecting with other people, but the Peaceful Pisces personality simply withers in the face of disapproval. So it’s a must for these Librans to associate themselves with compassionate, like-minded friends, partners, and colleagues. On the one hand, they might refrain from jumping willy-nilly into unwise relationships because of their Piscean scaredy-cat, “master of avoidance” traits. But on the other hand, if they’ve been somewhat sheltered for much of their lives and well-provided for by generous parents and loved ones—as is sometimes their destiny—they’re liable to put on their rose-colored glasses and succumb to an “I can’t do it alone” mentality They tend to buddy up pretty quickly, out of fear of being alone—but sometimes with all the wrong people. And in these unfortunate instances, they find it very difficult to empower themselves to get out of the situation. So they need to tell themselves, moment to moment, that they can find inspiration and enjoy life, even without someone to adore them.

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