Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon

This is an idealistic, aspiring, adventurous, and romantic position and may take the form of high-minded climbing the ladder of success, or of mere adventuresomeness and romance.

You have an ability to see things in the large and to judge the future by the present and the past, which lends an almost prophetic quality to your insight and foresight.

You are too proud and independent and can make enemies through stiff-neckedness. You are gracious but don’t give the impression of being warm-hearted; people tend to respect you, but whether they love you or not depends on how readily you can learn to unbend and come down to their level. You are interested in large ideas – in religion, philosophy, science – and whether you have a trained mind or not, you have a certain facility for abstract thought. This can make you completely visionary and impractical in business and personal matters if you do not deliberately pin yourself down to earth. You are physically active, fond of travel, and likely to be always on the go. A highly social sense takes you to parties and gatherings and you’re never so happy as when you’re getting up a big picnic. You are generous with your emotions when you are romantically inclined (which you periodically are) and can appear fickle and ardent at one and the same time. You have a rather contradictory emotional nature, your ideals failing to keep you from its expression perhaps in very independent ways. You tend to be nervous, high-strung, and impulsive.

You are likely to be a little discontented anyway. Feet on the ground, and a determination to cope with the world as you find it, will bring the largest rewards to your optimism and independence.

Grant Lewi

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