Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

These people have that good feeling of well-being. They’re the most delightful, well-acquainted social butterflies in the zodiac. With a Pollyanna outlook and a spring in their step, Librans with Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius rising tend to be all-around happy people whose toothy smiles and winning ways spread inspiration wherever they go. They’re obliging and a joy to be around. There’s a community-oriented, volunteer spirit here that often leads them into active roles with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the PTA, and they might be among the first to volunteer to staff the local polls on election day Of course, this is very beneficial behavior for any Libran because they benefit most from the contribution they make to the people they know—and the connections they have. These Librans have a special knack for developing fruitful associations with particularly cooperative, friendly, and powerful people.

Another area of concern involves being overly indulged as children, leaving them to think that bad behavior is cute and fun to get away with. If the parents were overly permissive and spoiled these Librans as children, some of that sense of privilege carries over into adulthood, resulting in an “I’m better than you” arrogance that can really turn people off. The problem is that if they never grow up, they end up as con men who never deliver! But if they invest themselves with the right people and treat them fairly, these Librans will find that everybody loves them and the sky’s the limit.

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