Libra Sun Scorpio Moon

Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the outstanding traits of your nature. You are quick mentally, with a penetrating and absorbing curiosity, so that you are a ready student, precocious and facile. You make rapid strides in the world and are stamped with a keen ambition the following of which is an intimate need with you. You are interested in broad, sweeping matters – in ideas, philosophies, the arts and sciences – and for this reason are more likely to select a professional or artistic than a business career. Your interest is in the minds of men – what they have done and what they can do – and your respect for yourself is rooted in your respect for your own mental processes. In some way or another you will “live by your wits” – that is, by ideas rather than by hard work; and this may be in literature, science, or politics. You are, in any case, a radical, on the side of change, progress, and novelty. You are a natural born rebel, and will always be found where a battle of wits or ideas is in progress – and very likely in the minority corner.

You are a keen controversialist, for you think with sharp precision and express yourself so as to leave no doubt about where you stand. You’re not without your peculiar kind of tact, but you despise a pussy-footer or a kowtower and will say so to his face if the opportunity arises. You don’t like to hurt people’s feelings but will risk that rather than abandon the truth as you see it. You are staunch in support of merit wherever you find it and will espouse new or losing causes with all the fervor of a zealot. You are an enthusiast in loves, hates, intellectual or artistic matters, or politics. Emotionally you are ardent and intense, and although you think of yourself as being self-sufficient, you really are not at all and do best when you’ve settled your emotional life by having someone around you to balance your enthusiasms, although you would probably hoot at the idea that you need anyone at all. You are independent, and likely to lead your friends (sweethearts) a merry song and dance.

Grant Lewi

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