Libra Sun Scorpio Rising

Here comes sociable Libra with a mysterious, sexy, “no time to waste” personality. With Scorpio rising, likable, polite Librans benefit from a full-of-gusto, “do it now and think about it later” personality that makes them handy and energetically helpful. They warm up to strangers gradually, but they’re amazingly devoted to the people who mean the most to them, and they often express their devotion through practical assistance and thoughtful favors. They’re good with their hands in some fashion or another, whether it’s playing a guitar, fixing an engine, or applying make-up, and Librans born shortly after dawn will sometimes put these skills to work professionally, using their Libra word-of-mouth to make contacts and spread the word. But Mysterious Scorpio is also a natural detective, so they might excel as private investigators, psychologists, and counselors, too. They’ve a knack for finding things out, whether it’s checking up on suspect credit ratings or potentially unfaithful spouses—but they need to be careful that they don’t conjure demons where there are none. Paranoia can be a problem for suspicious Scorpios. With Libra’s preoccupation with other people’s concerns and Scorpio’s tendency toward suspicion, they can sometimes overreact to what’s actually an innocent deed or gesture.


Because Libra’s bread and butter are beneficial interactions, these Librans need to avoid falling into these unseen, unspoken behavior patterns, and perhaps their best strategy for maintaining self-awareness is regular quiet time, extended moments when they sit and reflect on recent actions and consequences, judging them honestly and objectively They’ll discover that others find them even more likable when they’re a little more transparent in their daily dealings.

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Sun in Libra + Scorpio Asc (rising sign)

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