Libra Sun Taurus Moon

You are a charming person, with plenty of independence and purpose that you know how to put across in a way that makes people like you. Your personality is your greatest asset; it’s made up, among other things, of a liberal dose of sentimentality that makes a powerful appeal to the opposite sex. You need affection, sympathy, understanding; and are willing to give them generously in return.

You believe in the Ideal of Love. If you are in business, this translates itself to the Rotarian Ideal of Service. You have to believe personally in what you do, with some emotional fervor, for you could not go into anything cold-bloodedly that did not appeal to your ideals. You are capable of being a high pressure salesman but you’ll believe firmly that you are doing your victim a good turn. This faith in the good in things endears you to people. Even though you may have been hurt through faith, you wouldn’t be surprised to find it again. You can be imposed upon through this, and probably have been. Both through emotional and financial generosity, you can be fooled. This is an aesthetic position, and if you go in for creative art, your work is likely to bear the stamp of human interest and even sentimentality, which you must work to keep from getting gushy, for you love the sugary things of life and tend to think and express in very lush terms. This quality, as well as your obvious devotion to ideals, love, romance, high seriousness in human relations, will make your work popular, though it may draw down the contumely of the more hard-boiled critics. This will be true anyway – you’ll be popular with the romantics and with the general public, but not so much so with the realists. And you have to be careful that sentimentality doesn’t run away with you.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Distinctive, attractive and generous;
  • Negatives: Clingy, procrastinating, indecisive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who loves routine as much as them;
  • Advice: They should never abandon their personal beliefs.

The Libra Sun Taurus Moon man

Because this gentleman wants to always be in love, he will never put something else above his romances. Loving, sensitive, romantic and diplomatic, the Libra Sun Taurus Moon man will fall for someone in a minute. But he won’t be around a love of his for too long, as he wants an ideal partner.

If he’ll get married, his wife will have to accept the fact that he thinks there’s someone better. He’ll be all over the place: at friends, at concerts, in shops and at the jewelry store, buying something for the woman he loves.

When it comes to his professional life, he’s better in the artistic field. He will probably buy a home at a very young age. But his girlfriend will move in only after she has proven she can offer something of substance.

He probably won’t marry until he’ll have the perfect house. He dreams big and wants a lady to dream with him. He hates vulgarity and licentious language. Therefore, he needs a feminine and delicate lady, and also one who is good looking because he cares a lot about looks. Not to mention how physical he is.

The Libra Sun Taurus Moon woman

This woman is naturally sweet and elegant and these traits make her irresistible to men. As a matter of fact, she’s one of the most attractive ladies in the zodiac.

Men will want to cross rivers and hike mountains just to have a glimpse of her. She will be followed down the hall at work. And when she’ll say “Hello”, all the natives will act like the lighting has struck them.

She’s feminine but very strong. Expect the Libra Sun Taurus Moon woman to dedicate herself to a single man even if she knows she has many admirers. She will know everything about her guy.

But it’s possible she’ll cheat because she’s easily impressionable. It’s not even her fault or her intention. She simply is too attractive and falls easily in love. Not to mention romance is what she thinks to be the best thing in life.

When it comes to relationships, this lady is not at all realistic. She wants someone perfect. If you have been in her life, consider yourself lucky for she’s pretentious. And she’s worth spending time with.

Sun in Libra

We have said that the Sun determines one’s native sign.

When a person asks you about your horoscope, he or she usually wants to know what is your birth, ruling sign. It is your Sun sign!

Therefore, with the Sin in Libra, you are a Libra person and you share some basic Libra traits with all other Libras. What are Libras alike?

Let us briefly go through a typical Libra profile.

Libras are friendly, easygoing, approachable and relaxed people. They naturally balance their rational self with their emotional part. They have good intuition, but also a steady mind and good reasoning.

Moon in Taurus

The sign of Taurus is the place of the Moon’s exaltation. Taurus is an earthly sign, warm, calm, materialistic and providing.

The Moon in Taurus gives one incredible qualities. These people are creative and practical, also very sensing personalities.

These people are capable of finding beauty and pleasure in the simplest things they find in life. They are attached to nature and they enjoy making things by their own hands.

Moon Taurus people have extremely well developed senses. Their senses help them with their emotional response; these are inseparable for Moon Taurus people. They feel it all, on all levels.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Libra Sun Taurus Moon are quite balanced and calm individuals.

They have a sense of justice and fair play, do not concern themselves with opinions of everyone and know how to enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. They do everything in a relaxed, easygoing manner.

They are everything opposite of quick tempered, but they would firmly defend their cause.

They are laid back people, the ones you could always feel comfortable around.

They are communicative, but not too much. They carefully think before they speak and like to observe the situation from all angles.

They do not make hasty decisions or take risks. They are not strict and stiff, either; they act spontaneously in a situation, but have a general plan they stick to.

Material stability and comfortable environment is an imperative to these ones. They enjoy beautiful things, from natural wonders to men made pieces of art.

Their nature is benevolent and pacifistic.

They could become quite stubborn over something, but never aggressive in defending their opinion or point of view on a particular subject.

Good Traits

Libra Sun Taurus Moon are some of the calmest and the most relaxed individuals, but not lazy or procrastinating ones.

They take things easy, not letting troubles control their life; they see to find a practical and reasonable solution to everything.

They are loyal, honest, openhearted and warm towards people in general.

Their way is pacifistic and non-aggressive.

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