Libra Sun Taurus Rising

Here’s a more centered Likable Libra, with a dignified demeanor, who won’t be bothered with nonsense. If there’s a way to increase rewards while minimizing effort, these people will find it. Their Taurus personality might be a bit stand-offish and “steady-as-she-goes,” but once these folks decide they like someone, watch out! Taurus kicks in with material gifts and Libra shows up with concern and cooperation. Deliberate, focused, but make-it-easy Taurus, the Banker, benefits quite nicely from Libra’s sociable and attentive ego, but sometimes the bullish side of Taurus can be a problem if it’s worn on the sleeve. So Librans born early evening need to be careful they don’t overdo the “one-way Wendell” routine that comes so easy for Taurus. “My way or the highway” can create a very lonely road, indeed, and Librans are rarely fond of being alone. If they’re perpetually bull-headed, refusing to listen and to consider the other person, they’ll undermine the “give and take” that Libra thrives on and sadly end up by themselves, without the partner they prefer.

Letting things take their course and allowing people to come around in their own time pays off big for these Librans. They need to temper that raging, snorting, overly intense desire to want things their way, especially when the timing isn’t right or the object of their desires is inappropriate. When the house is too expensive or the man or woman of their dreams is already married, the key is to back off and let things happen in their own time. This is almost always the wisest course. And they’ll know they’re handling things correctly when relationships become pleasingly cordial and life gets a whole lot easier. Pretty Venus the night star is the principle of attraction in this galaxy, and she rules both Likable Libra and materialistic Taurus. So when goals are delayed and difficult to achieve, these Librans need to slow down, rethink their priorities, and let things come to them a bit. They need to use their powers of attraction—and just take it easy!

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