Libra Sun Virgo Moon

Your intellectual qualities are likely to absorb a good deal of the warmth of your nature, for you are a self-sufflcient person. You reason things out and are not likely to be swept off your feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit your needs. You are affectionate, love attention, and quickly learn that you can’t get attention without giving something in return. You have a feeling for other people’s needs that makes you appear more warm-hearted than you really are. You’re analytical, critical, and observant; and you will do best in some literary or creative occupation where your mental and artistic gifts will be rewarded directly. In business you can progress through these traits, though business is foreign to your natural bent. Reasonable in argument, you are none the less capable of doing exactly what you please.

You are persuasive and peace-loving and keep the peace through your reasonable method of debating things. You “get things off your chest” readily and don’t go around holding grudges. You can develop tact to a high degree once you learn that everything isn’t as cut and dried to everyone as it is to you. But despite this you are somewhat too positive a person to go through life without making enemies and when you’ve antagonized someone you have a hard time winning him back. He pursues you pretty relentlessly, and you have to give in, for you are not a fighter, and when your peaceful methods of passive resistance fail, you are bewildered.

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