Libra Sun Virgo Rising

Librans born pre-dawn have a modest, unassuming, but rock-solid dignity about them and a determined focus that’s second to none. They’ve more fixity than Librans born other times of day They’re not very willing to take a back seat, even though their modest Virgo personality implies that they might. As is true with all pre-dawn births, there’s a stubbornness, determination, and focus here, and these are not usually present in either Libra or Virgo separately. Standing up for themselves isn’t always these Librans’ favorite posture, but their pre-dawn birth qualifies them to stick to their guns when they need to assert themselves to make things fair. Libra loves it when things are fair! Their sense of self-worth allows them to be true to their helpful and obliging nature without ever feeling subservient. When others need a hand, these Librans love to apply their problem-solving Virgo intelligence. With only a few, brief instructions they’ll put things together perfectly and be thrilled that they could help. But if anyone takes this to mean that they’re easily taken advantage of—watch out!

Librans with Virgo rising are often fashionable, tasteful people who usually experience good fortune when it comes to financial matters. They’ve a superb eye for value. However, when things take on a slower pace, giving them more time to spare, they need to avoid letting their Virgo, the Worry Wart, rob them of their enjoyment of life. Without people to see, things to do, and places to go, they sometimes turn on themselves, worrying about things that will never happen or that are otherwise totally unimportant. A positive attitude works wonders, and not only when it’s applied to themselves but where others are concerned, as well. For instance, when their partners need to adopt more desirable habits, they can be helpful with better ideas, patient “reminders,” and consistent “nudges” rather than by out-and-out “nagging.” Both at work and at home, these Librans want to be helpful in the most considerate and practical ways.

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