Lilith in 4th House

The axis of the fourth and tenth houses symbolizes the house and the profession, the interaction of personal and social life.

In the fourth house the distortion caused by the action of the Black Moon it’s inherited from parents instincts, innate qualities and skills of the subconscious. Black Moon affects the situation in the family and home, the attitude of the parents, the home, the national history.

If the Black Moon is in the fourth house, it indicates hereditary distortions that are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind of man. This state of the Black Moon burdens ancestral karma, often complicated relationship with parents, prevents the establishment of own family or family life and contributes to the unusual and sometimes tragic circumstances.

If the fourth house Black Moon indicates a man completely devoted his body and soul, to the care of the house. But he can’t make a harmonious family life because all his actions are distorted by the influence of the Black Moon. Sometimes it can affect the circumstances of life in a way that one has to sacrifice career for family well-being. Sometimes Black Moon creates an opposite effect and household chores burden the person with this aspect and seem unnecessary burden, because all its aspirations are directed to the professional activities and the acquisition of high social status. Black Moon in the fourth house often creates a desire to emigrate.

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