Lilith in 6th House

Lilith in 6th HouseLilith in 6th House – The axis of the sixth and twelfth houses symbolizes the personal and impersonal service.

In the sixth house of the Black Moon affects the hierarchical relationships. It can disrupt the consistency of all body systems and cause disease. It affects the circumstances related to work, relations with superiors and subordinates, distorting the idea of submission and domination.

If the Black Moon is in the sixth house and the resulting distortion is proactive, a person can not obey, has conflicts with superiors and subordinates, experiencing the pleasure of obedience. There are times when under the influence of the Black Moon a person has to be active all the time and needs to work very much for his/her living. He is so involved in the process that professional duties and service relationships absorb all his energy to the detriment of other aspects of life. In this case, the inherent human quality, prevent a harmonious relationship with colleagues. Under the influence of the Black Moon, a person can feel the constant need to take care of someone, whether close friends, dog, cat, or other pets. But this concern is intrusive and often irrelevant, and sometimes takes away his mental and physical strength, occupies all his thoughts, and makes it impossible to do something else.


Sometimes a person needs to take care of his health, running to the doctors, try all sorts of methods of treatment and prevention, and diet. If the Black Moon in the sixth house remains passive, man obeys, even when it is not needed. He is trying to please and serve. In other cases, the Black Moon in the sixth house is laziness, unwillingness to work and neglect of professional responsibilities. The man does not run his daily routine, the aspect suppresses the need to follow the instructions above, the normalized run-time. Sometimes a person does not want to work so that “thanks to the” Black Moon his own circumstances prevent his employment. He can not and does not want to take care of the family, does not observe the rules of personal hygiene and if sick he avoids seeking medical attention, neglecting treatment.

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