Lilith in second house

Axis of the second and eighth houses symbolizes the energy exchange.

In the second house Black Moon affects stamina and health, distorts the ability to absorb and use energy, prevents the normal circulation. In this house, it is manifested in the circumstances related to earnings and spending of money by influencing the amount and sources of income, the opportunity to make money.

In the second house strengthening Black Moon passive displays results in excessive accumulation of energy. This affects both the eighth house – a man accumulates not only his own but other people’s energy, and uses it in a bad way. Therefore, this situation contributes to the development of the Black Moon energy vampirism. Black Moon in the second house often leads to over-eating and overweight, tempted with money and other material benefits. However, it often deprives a man of possiblities to earn, forcing him to live for others, thereby distorting the manifestation of the eighth house. If, while in the second house, the Dark Moon affects the active displays, a person can not hold uniformly and expend energy. In this case, it can easily become the object of vampirism. This effect of the Black Moon leads to an inability to manage their money, knowledge and skills, which are spent at the wrong time and the wrong place. People provoke others to use it, to live at his expense. At times in the second house Black Moon creates health problems.

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