Lilith in third house

The axis of the third and the ninth house represents the shape of the object and the interaction of creative thinking, practical mind and outlook.

In another house, the noise that is the Dark Moon affect the thinking and intellectual skills, communication, written and spoken language, the nervous system, special education, and short trips. The action of the Black Moon determines the nature of daily contacts and relationships with family and closest associates.

If in the third house of the distortion caused by the influence of the Black Moon is active, a person is overly involved in the circumstances surrounding the development and application of practical intelligence. This state of the Black Moon can determine a person’s choice of profession associated with the word or the media, with the technical sciences, etc. Intellect to the extent dominates intuition and abstract thinking, manages feelings and emotions that the reduced ability to imaginative perception, outlook becomes too pragmatic and narrow. There may be a constant need to exchange information, talkativeness leading to promiscuity in contact. If under the influence of the Black Moon in the third house increases passivity, there may be difficulties with the specification, the assimilation of practical knowledge. This is evident in primary school and continuing education will be difficult. Simultaneously distorted and manifestations of the ninth house – a man soars among amorphous, divorced from the reality, representations that can not be clearly understood.

With the presence of the Black Moon in the third house may be related disorders of the nervous system. Its impact on human activated while interacting with nearest neighbors and relatives, brings unexpected news and travel.

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