Mars in 1st House

You have a driving ambition to make an impression on the world. When stimulated, you energetically accept any challenge that will demonstrate your courage and ability. You thoroughly enjoy competition and the thrill of meeting problems head on; and when you succeed, you literally glow. But don’t neglect the formal training you need for greater polish and savoir-faire. You can accomplish far more by finesse than by brute force. If you can learn the art of friendly persuasion, you will achieve the same results without wasting energy in unnecessary conflicts. Education will teach you how to deal with people and win their co-operation. You have high hopes that your children will reach out to their destiny with the same enthusiasm you show. You have little difficulty attracting lovers, but your attention tends to wander once you’ve achieved your victory. You need a partner with wisdom and patience to cope with your competitiveness and to help you to be more objective and realistic in your goals.

You know you should plan ahead, but you are too busy worrying about your current interests to take the time. You have no doubt that you will succeed. With your active mind and physical daring, you can implement your ideas and get whatever you want. Living for the moment however, only satisfies the moment. You consider the future too abstract to focus on; but if you don’t plan for your future security, you can’t expect to get it. Your friends might have some helpful suggestions. Although you are well paid for your professional skills, you will not be financially independent in your later years unless you start saving.

You will achieve greater harmony in your dealings when you learn to concede to authority and face reality. You must restrain yourself to avoid displeasing those in authority over you. True, you must take the initiative in order to accomplish anything worthwhile; but be very sure that the situation warrants your response. You cannot afford to antagonize people in important positions by being impertinent or insensitive to their feelings. If you do, you will meet adversaries at every turn. Try to compromise and listen to good advice, especially from those who really care for you. It will cost you very little, and may pay handsome dividends.

Because you can provide services that people need and will pay for, you will always have opportunities for employment. Refusing to help will undermine your chances for success and earn you contempt. Probably you will use the opportunity to show what you can do. Be careful not to overreact to what you think is expected of you. You are eager to win public approval in order to prove yourself. Some people may avoid you, thinking that you will try to take advantage of them. Your ability to detect human weaknesses gives you an advantage over your competitors.

When you intimidate people in order to get what you want you are the eventual loser. If you fail to build solid human values that people can relate to, they will lose respect for you and quickly forget your accomplishments, no matter how spectacular.

On the other hand, if you accept responsibility for your actions, you will be rewarded by the everlasting appreciation of those whom you have helped. You can help people become more self-reliant by teaching them to take advantage of their own resources and to capitalize on their natural talents.

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