Monthly horoscope April 2019

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Monthly Horoscope


The pressure is lessening, but you may be worried about how to deal with all your obligations. Strive to eliminate the things you no longer need, especially if they’re just taking up space. You need room to breathe!

The key to feeling better lies in getting rid of habits or attitudes counterproductive to your growth and sense of well-being. Watch a tendency toward overindulgence, which could undermine your energy.

Intimacy has its definite highs and lows, with your love life like a roller-coaster ride near the solar eclipse on the 1st.

One problem may be your expectations. Tiy to communicate openly and put forth your best effort, then let go and allow the energy to carry you toward the outcome. Attempts to be excessively controlling will only exhaust you. Spend time during the Moon’s eclipse on the 16th getting in touch with your feelings. You might be surprised at the clarity you achieve.

Money matters are critical, and you may need professional advice regarding taxes, contracts, or joint investments. Mercury is retrograde until the 9th, and you’ll feel more confident about long-term agreements after the 23rd.

A costly expenditure on the 1st or 2nd may be worthwhile, but you may still have regrets. Research proves to be invaluable, and you may even uncover some hidden resources from the 13th—30th. Avoid wasteful spending from the 21st—27th.

Looking beneath the surface is the key to success now, both in personal and professional arenas. Taking things at face value only will get you into trouble fast.
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Summer’s almost a thing of the past, but new dimensions of money-making open up after the 1st. If investing, try electronics, aviation, or the communication media. On the 4th, you’re tempted to go over your budget in pursuit of entertainment. Call it one last summer fling!

After the 17th, when Neptune is direct in motion once again, plan a short fishing or boating trip. Try it on the 20th-22nd or 30th. The Eclipse on the 22nd foreshadows pleasurable activities if you can let go of outmoded, outdated, and archaic relationships and endeavors.

Your creativity peaks with projects that require attention to detail and polished skills. Free yourself from the past so you can begin anew! Venus continues to brughten up your romantic house until the 16th. A nice Capricorn, modest Virgo, or imaginative Pisces are your best companions until that time.

For the last two weeks in September a co-worker may come on to you. This is innocent enough at first, but similar aims and goals make you think there’s more here than meets the eye. There isn’t! After the 7th, work issues need attention. You have some decisions to make in an effort to make the work scene more palatable.

Avoid the 10th as a kick-off date for any job activities. Things are nebulous. Socialize with co-workers after the 16th to ease the tension and promote harmony.

The Moon on the 7th highlights friendships, groups, and organizations. Emotions are intense. Be sympathetic toward these things without making grave sacrifices!
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Details, details. Just when you’re set and ready to go, you’re likely to run into pesky details — or you may miss important details because you’re too busy. Either way, remember the key word: details.

Is your work making you tense? You need a safe place to explode. Work out, run in place, do some primal screaming. Just keep your energy clear so you can perform at top capacity.

The solar eclipse on the 1st draws your attention to family matters, and you may have to step in and mediate in a family crisis.

But you’re ready to escape from the ordinary with your sweetheart from the 3rd—13th, when exploring your fantasies is the perfect way to let go. But you may feel torn between your obligations, or family can distract you from your intimate aims. Try again on the 23rd, 26th, and 27th, when you may feel less tense and more playful.

Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—10th is filled with all sorts of dilemmas. From unreliable equipment to incomplete messages, you may be ready to give up while your favorite project sits in shambles. But wait; there is hope.

Deal with the distraction of turmoil in the workplace by putting responsibility where it belongs. Take a breather from your pet project, and plan to give it a try when the energy is moving again after the 22nd. The lunar eclipse on the 16th emphasizes any conflict you may have between work and career. Achieving balance may be your only hope, and now you will see possible solutions.
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You’re involved in both teaching and learning, and may also have an opportunity to advance your career by taking advantage of class work, conferences, or outside study.

Building your endurance involves maintaining a steady pace, and although you may be tempted to take things too fast from the 1st—6th, you’re on a more even keel for the remainder of the month.

Your heart opens, allowing an easy flow of love, and if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get involved with someone new, you may feel inclined to make your move following the solar eclipse on the 1st.

However, you can become easily infatuated, ignoring the facts that do not support your fantasy from the 6th—12th. Take another look—you may change your mind and see other more beautiful eyes looking back at you during the lunar eclipse on the 16th.

During Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—9th, you have a chance to get back in touch or to follow through on important contacts. Negotiations fare smoothly after the 12th, and you’re in a great position to sign contracts or make commitments after the 14th, as long you as leave room for unexpected changes in the future. Investments fare best after the 21st.

Take advantage of conferences, meetings, business travel, publishing, or educational opportunities. It’s time to link your ideas with others who can influence a positive outcome.
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Turmoil at home or within the family can disrupt your plans. Conflicts can emerge due to your association with a partner, but you may need to step out of the way and let eveiyone else deal with their own issues.

You can be accident-prone, particularly if you’re moving too fast or not paying attention. Keep your eyes on the road when you’re driving, and honor you body’s limits during sports.

You may have the knack of saying just the wrong thing or sending mixed messages, throwing your relationship into a tailspin.

Also, if you’re jumping to conclusions, matters can get even more complicated. Keep a cool head, especially if you have differences about your sex life during the lunar eclipse on the 16th.

You may have run into your own fears or anxieties, and if you take time to explore the situation, can turn things around on the 26th or 27th.

Financial matters can be crazy, especially near the 1st, when the solar eclipse emphasizes a period of financial crisis. Part of the problem could be delayed funds, and by communicating with the necessary parties, you’ll buy time until the details are unraveled.

After Mercury leaves its retrograde on the 9th, you may be able to negotiate. But be skeptical of investments that do not disclose their complete history. Avoid shady deals. Period.

Digging up the past might reveal hidden treasures if you’re willing to sort through the muck. Restoration or reconstruction offer sound possibilities from the 3rd—9th.
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With the solar eclipse in Virgo, it is imperative that you have your priorities straight and that you deal with any crisis by responding in a way that fulfills your deepest needs. Be honest about your feelings. After all, it’s your life!

Staying active may be the best way to keep your energy level as high as you need it to be, and this is an excellent time to focus on outdoor activities. Take walks, hike, or ride your bike.

Since you’re more open about your needs and feelings, you may experience significant changes in your relationship. The period between the solar eclipse on the 1st and the lunar eclipse on the 16th is a great time to bring issues into the open so you can deal with them directly.

Then, consider reconfirming your commitment or taking vows that clearly reflect your needs and hopes between the 12th—29th. Finish old business during Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—9th, and avoid signing important documents until the dust has settled.

You’ll see clearer possibilities after the 13th, and are also in an excellent position to initiate new plans. Business partnerships need reassessment mid month, and its important to make the most of everyone’s resources. Network with others in your field, and be ready to present your ideas or plans on a moment’s notice after the 14th.

Bringing balance and harmony into your life is critical to your happiness. Anything that is too one-sided needs to be redefined.
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This is the time to complete things that are already in motion and to tie up loose ends. Getting distracted can undermine your effectiveness in your work, and may be costly in a relationship. Allow extra time for rest and rejuvenation.

During your workouts, concentrate on building endurance. Attention to your health is especially important during the lunar eclipse on the 16th, when you are more aware of your body’s limitations.

You’re more easily infatuated from the 3rd—12th, when your expectations can exceed the possibilities of reality. During the solar eclipse on the 1st, allow some time for contemplation or retreat in order to gain some objectivity about your life.

Seek a way to integrate the spiritual into your everyday reality, including your relationship. You may long for a partner who shares your ideals and who feels more like a soulmate.

Your job is to open your own heart to real love.

While Mercury retrogrades until the 9th, you may run into a series of strange communication errors, particularly those connected to high-tech equipment. Finances can also be strained early in the month.

If you’re not careful, you’ll tend to overspend impulsively later because you had to watch your cash flow earlier. Consider long- term results carefully.

Legal proceedings, contract negotiations and cooperative ventures offer new avenues of growth after the 23rd.

Determining what you want is the hard part.
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You’re in the driver’s seat and may not be open to the idea of someone else taking charge. Use this period of control graciously and it will work to your advantage. A heavy-handed approach only alienates others.

Applied effort can increase your vitality and fitness. You’re too restless to sit still, so find a good outlet for your extra energy. Avoid burning the candle at both ends from the 1st—10th.

The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize your need to know love. Open to receiving from others on the 1st (solar eclipse), when uncovering your blocks allow you to experience true joy. Romance can be especially powerful, and your ability to love can be shown in everything you do.

You may suddenly have a change of heart from the 13th—19th, but be sure you’re not just in need of a diversion before you walk away from a commitment. Speculative investments can be highly successful, and you may have an opportunity requiring fast action.

Do your homework during Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—9th, when you’ll benefit from examining both your assets and liabilities. Then, if a new option emerges mid-month, you’ll know if you can afford it.

Otherwise, be cautious in your spending, and avoid counter-signing notes for others unless you’re familiar with their situation.

Open your heart to the source of love during the lunar eclipse on the 16th to uncover a new source of strength, compassion, and creativity.
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A crisis in your family can be the result of positive changes, but can still create stress. If there are unsettled emotional issues, this is the best time to address them with courage and honesty. Emotional stress can drag down your physical vitality.

Take the time and energy necessary to heal emotional wounds. This is your time to regenerate, and pushing too hard will only deplete your vitality.

The solar eclipse on the 1st can indicate a time of difficulty with your parents, but you have the right energy to turn an otherwise difficult situation into an opportunity for change and growth. You may also feel a need to escape, and can withdraw too much, leaving others wondering about your level of commitment.

During the lunar eclipse on the 16th, concentrate on creating a more stable and secure emotional space. It’s time to do a little nesting.

You need to feel that your life has purpose and meaning, and if your job does not reflect it, then you’ll seek outlets through hobbies or other interests. During Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—9th, be especially careful in business correspondence.

Avoid co-signing notes for friends or family, unless you are willing to carry the risk involved. Be attentive to hidden agenda. A little awareness on your part now can save you a lot of grief later on.

By bringing your personal and professional needs into better balance, you can be more successful on all levels. Pitting one against the other will only create problems.
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This is an exceptional time of reward and progress, and you may feel more confident about your future. Set realistic goals for the long and short terms, because you’ll work more effectively from a plan. Team sports or group fitness classes can be great fun, and may also give you a chance to renew or create friendships. Adventure travel or outdoor sports can be appealing and may stimulate new challenges.

Friendships can be a source of inspiration and hope, and you may find that a love relationship is advancing because your friendship has grown.

Unconditional love makes a lot of sense now, and your ability to accept yourself and others allows you to rise above the petty issues that have previously gotten in your way. Make time to share romantic travel, or get out with your lover during the lunar eclipse on the 16th. A romantic rendez-vous can light the fire of passion.

The solar eclipse on the 1st stimulates a need to listen to your intuitive and visionary sensibilities. Actions taken now can clear the way for quick progress, and you’ll also find it easier to manifest the ideas you’ve been hoping to realize. Even though Mercury is retrograding from the 1st-9th, you’re still in a good position to negotiate. Just wait to sign important contracts until the 11th or afterward.

Getting involved in community activities or special interest groups can boost your career, and may even be a lot of fun.
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Unresolved emotional issues can interfere with your current relationship, or may get in the way of your path toward personal fulfillment. Keep your focus on the present, and concentrate on releasing what you no longer need.

It’s easy to rationalize your way out of taking the time to eliminate excessive stress. By taking a little extra time for yourself, you may actually create a new source of energy!

The solar eclipse on the 1st may stimulate a crisis in a close relationship, particularly if you’ve been ignoring your deeper feelings.

Sexual issues may be a source of tension, and it’s easy to drag your fears and frustrations into the bedroom. Before you give up, give yourself a break! Take some time to share your hopes and dreams, and try to avoid the deadly game of mine versus yours.

Your attitudes are more playful after the 23rd. Although business meetings, conferences, or negotiations may show promise early in the month, you may still run into frustrating delays over the budget. From the 1st—9th, Mercury’s retrograde may slow progress, but it might be a good idea to take a second look before you proceed with anything too risky.

Careful assessment of your finances before the lunar eclipse on the 16th can help you avoid disaster!

You may benefit from another’s resources, but find out about those “strings” before you sign long-term contracts.
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Brewing problems reach a crisis, which may be an exceptional relief. This is the perfect time to get rid of what you no longer need —in every aspect of your life. Clear the way for a period of renewal.

Your physical vitality is strengthened, and you may finally be ready to reach beyond self-imposed limitations toward goals that will allow you to become more fit and healthy.

Achieving wholeness involves embracing every part of yourself and your life. During the solar eclipse on the 1st, you are stimulated to focus outside yourself, but feel a strong need to tie what you experience through your relationships to your sense of who you are.

The Pisces lunar eclipse on the 16th marks an excellent period of reaching into your soul, and the spiritual link you need from your relationships seems more possible.

Make an effort to eliminate liabilities from the 1st—6th. Stop carrying burdens that are no longer yours, and reconsider roles in partnerships in order to create a more productive situation.

Business travel, conferences, educational pursuits, or cultural exchange can provide new arenas for expansion in your career. Finish old projects during Mercury’s retrograde from the 1st—9th, and broaden your horizons after the 12th.

Innovative ideas add renewed hope, and you may finally be ready to pursue new directions. Make contacts and do your research this month.
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