Monthly Horoscope September 2018 Gemini

Mercury, your ruler, moves out of Leo, fairly rushes through Virgo and ends the month in Libra, meaning that for you, for most of the month, it is your home life which is the focus of your attention.

The New Moon here on the 3rd suggests that new beginnings are possible and it is a very good time for you to discuss your plans and options with your family or those with whom you share your home.

During the second week of the month, however, a difficult aspect between Saturn and Pluto indicates that you may be driven to make changes where a partner or a close relationship is concerned, which will not be easy.

In the third week, Jupiter aligns with Pluto, pushing you further in this direction and giving you the impetus to gain greater freedom for yourself. And finally, not only the Full Moon, but also Jupiter, aspecting Uranus, implies that you can expect a sudden opportunity where your career or public image is concerned which could prove fortunate. Just be careful that in your quest for greater freedom, you consider your options first and you don’t act too impulsively!

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