Monthly Horoscope September 2018 Virgo

The New Moon in your sign on the 3rd enables you to make a new start or turn over a new leaf and with both the Sun and Mercury, your ruler, in your sign for most of the month, you are once again at the top of your form, ready to share your views and expecting to be listened to!

And financially, the meeting between Venus and Jupiter at the beginning of the month indicates good fortune, although you will have to resist the urge to spend. A difficult aspect between Saturn and Pluto in the second week of the month, however, suggests that changes are occurring within your home or family which are beyond your control.

Or it could be that you want to make changes and are frustrated in this by others. In any case, Jupiter combines with Pluto after that, to give you both the energy and the opportunity to begin to make the changes you want to make.

Even so, when Saturn aspects Uranus in the third week, there is likely to be conflict in partnership matters, or where a close relationship is concerned, although the Full Moon here on the September 18th suggests that a resolution to any problems between you is possible.

And finally, the difficult aspect between Jupiter and Uranus again highlights tension in financial and partnership matters and could mean the occurrence of a sudden opportunity that changes your life.

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