Moon in 12th House

The Moon is placed in the twelfth house of your birth chart suggesting that you’re a born loner, enjoying a reclusive lifestyle. Even when you’re surrounded by people, you find your own secret world in which to retreat. You’re likely to suffer if you seek a public lifestyle. The secret to success in your life is to spend much of your time in seclusion rather than attempting to seek prominence in the public eye. The more you seek to hold the limelight, the more you’re prone to difficulties. This doesn’t mean that you can never achieve fame and fortune. It simply means that you need to work behind the scenes as much as possible, even choosing a career that requires seclusion, or in institutions such as hospitals, libraries, museums and archives – isolated positions in remote places. You might even like to consider a desert island existence at some stage in your life if you’ve other adventurous influences in your chart. Perhaps you’ve already discovered this to be the truth and prefer to be a recluse.

It’s possible that you’re forced to retire from your work early in life. It’s also true that you love secrets and mystery, particularly occult secrets, mysticism and romantic trysts. Secret love affairs can be tricky leading you into difficult situations. You may even have secret women enemies.

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