Moon in Aquarius

Ordinary folks with this Moon are likely to be anything but ordinary, with unusual ideas and predilections that set them apart from people around them. Diehard modernists, they’re likely to be the first to adopt a new idea, trend, fad, or gadget. Naturally the minute the fad becomes popular, they’re likely to reject it and move on to the next avant-garde trend. Many are rebels who like to shake you up with outrageous behavior, like punk rockers and bikers. A way for women to rebel, of course, has been through their sexuality, so Aquarian Moon women include Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, her carbon copy. Actually, these detached people aren’t necessarily motivated by sex—they just want to shake up society.[..]

On the more evolved level, Aquarius rebellion against authority gets channeled into a concern for bettering our society and a wish to change the status quo in a way that results in a greater equality for all.

The airiest of air signs, Aquarian Moons are put off by emotions, preferring to detach from them—and from you if you insist on doing what they consider overreacting. They try, even harder then Gemini Moons, to be rational and talk or reason feelings away. So cut off, they may seem emotionless at times, and they can wind up doing very odd, impulsive things suddenly when repressed emotions build up to the bursting point. They may break off a relationship, quit a job, or hop a plane, all seemingly out of the clear blue sky.[..]

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