Moon in Gemini

These people have an instinct for words, so the sign produces wonderful teachers, writers, and speakers. Gemini Moons have a gift for molding communication into a form their listeners can absorb, often uncannily using their audience’s own words or language. They seem to almost instinctively know how to reach people on their own terms, so naturally they make dynamite salespeople. Sometimes their way with words can be used manipulatively, for the slick ones can mold the truth into what someone wants to hear. An example was Joseph Alioto, who was reelected mayor of San Francisco despite indictments for mail fraud, bribery, and conspiracy.

Emotions are an enigma or a matter of curiosity to these intellect-oriented whizzes. They enjoy examining and categorizing yours, asking you a million questions, but they’re not keen on delving deeply into their own. Confronted with an emotion-laden situation, they plunge into frenzied mental activity, such as nonstop phone calls, a marathon at the computer, or reading several books a day. The things that upset them most are not knowing the answer, having their intelligence impugned, or dealing with stupidity on the part of someone else.

People with this Moon sign value rationality above all else, so when confronted with an emotional crisis, they will try to reason things out and make the most logical choice. They feel the need to categorize the upsetting stimulus and put it into the right pigeonhole, with no loose ends or unanswered questions. [..]

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Progressed Moon in Gemini

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