Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moons are often in touch with what Jung called the collective unconscious, a wellspring of intuitive understanding of the needs and pain of all of us. Inspired by this universal connection, some of the greatest creative geniuses of all time had Moon in Pisces, including Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, and Michelangelo. Even those who claim no creative abilities have a rich fantasy life, tending to be delightfully imaginative, fey, and whimsical. They are the ones we speak of as marching to a different drummer.

For many Pisces Moons, another product of this connection with the collective unconscious is a deep spirituality of the mystical sort, with a concentration on the mysterious and unexplainable. Deeply psychic and attuned to other realities, many of them are viewed by the uncomprehending world as spacey, or “off-planet” types. Pisces Moons do have a grasp of other dimensions and the vastness of spirit, but it’s an emotional grasp, not easily put into words. The vastness leaves many of them bemused and not exactly suited for living in this world.[..]

As a way to avoid painful feelings, and often as a result of a parental role model’s way of avoiding feelings, Pisces Moon people can be addiction-prone—perhaps to food rather than to alcohol or drugs. Elvis Presley had all three addictions. Anger, neediness, and being drained by rescuing others are especially difficult to cope with, and thus most likely to produce this addictive response. Given the mystical nature of this sign, Pisces Moon people who do succumb to addiction often find a spiritual solution the only one. Service to others, especially others who suffer from the same problem, also seems to help. [..]

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