Moon in Sagittarius

Growth is the key word for Jupiter, the planet most connected to Sagittarius. Growth is the primary motivation and impulse for Sagittarian Moons. Thus many seek out advanced education and others, more self-taught, read avidly all their lives. People of this Moon sign put great energy and enthusiasm into their search to know and to have the answers, which for them is a source of security and well-being. The multitude of religious leaders and philosophers born under this Moon sign run a full spectrum of belief systems, yet they’re all basically hopeful ones: Billy Graham, Ram Dass, Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo, and Kahlil Gibran.[..]

The things that set Sagittarius Moon people off are having one of their pet theories or convictions demolished, unethical behavior, or finding out that this is not, in fact, the best of all possible worlds. One of their favorite feelings is moral indignation. However, in their quest to be perpetually upbeat, Sagittarius Moons do not welcome depression or other downers, nor do they stay mired in negativity for very long.

Instead, they immediately seek to find the growth that can come from difficult situations and the silver lining behind every cloud. Sagittarius Moons may indulge in excess to bring their spirits back up. Another mood-alterer would be change, especially a trip, for there’s nothing that refreshes them more than getting away from it all. They do benefit from travel, returning from a journey with a whole new perspective.[..]

Sagittarians need to know the answers, or they feel insecure. Nothing matters ultimately but knowledge and growth, so changes in status, residence, and home life are often welcomed as opportunities to explore more of life and our world. This is a Moon sign with a dose of wanderlust, so a mobile home is a better investment for them than a condominium. Like their opposite sign, Gemini, education is the ultimate security, for it equips them to deal better with any and all changes.[..]

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