Progressed Moon in Taurus

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” – Max Ehrmann

In contrast to the power surges of Aries, you’ll start to notice an increasing need for rest when your Taurus progression begins to warm up. You’ll likely find that your body simply seems to need more sleep than it used to, and weariness sets in sooner. If you normally have more of an active natal Moon (such as Aries or Gemini), you may find that you can’t run on empty as long as you normally have been able to and it may take you a while to notice these signals from your body.

Your tolerance for the general chaos of everyday life will diminish as well. It’s common during this progression to feel more easily bombarded and overwhelmed by the sights and sounds that we normally tune out. Bright or glaring lights may seem more offensive. Loud sounds, or even just a multitude of sounds together, such as people talking while the TV blares and traffic rolls by outside, can feel overpowering and irritating. Your need for a calm and peaceful environment is heightened during a Taurus progression and you will be more aware of the things that intrude on that space.

The Taurus Moon progression is about regaining peace and inner equilibrium. The urges to rest more and the intolerance for chaos are signals that you are entering a time when you need to get back in touch with the natural self. The stressful side effects of the Aries Moon progression may have pushed you further and further from your own natural rhythm, leaving you with an inability to relax. This is a time to do things that align you with your internal clock, rather than the external schedule that we or others set for us.

Meditation is recommended, and while it does have a physical component, the quiet mind is an environment that is conducive to a quiet and peaceful heart. You may enjoy traditional meditation techniques, but you may also enjoy unconventional ways to quiet yourself, such as spending time in nature. If you have any outdoor hobbies, such as bird-watching, camping, hiking, or fishing, do them more often. Gardening is also a practical and hands-on way to enjoy nature. Just spending some quiet time in your backyard or a local park or garden can do the trick. Stepping out into nature and inhaling its scents, listening to its quiet sounds, and seeing the colors is a quick way to take yourself out of the hustle and bustle and help you quietly reestablish a connection to the spirit inside.

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