Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Moon person is a veritable Ferdinand the Bull, with a basic serenity, taking time to smell the flowers. They often have a gift for raising them as well, for nature is dear to them. They have fine physical instincts, being especially good at caring for themselves or for sick people. These physical instincts contribute to the longevity and staying power of this Moon, as illustrated by Katharine Hepburn and Helen Hayes, grand yet earthy ladies of the theater and film, who got better as they got older. Part of the longevity may also be from their mellowness. [..]

Since serenity is foremost to this Moon sign, they tend to shrug off most day-today upsets and are not easily rocked off center. To ward off unpleasant feelings that might upset their precious peace of mind, they may overeat or overspend. Their mantra is “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” They become most disturbed when their money or comfortable routines or traditions are threatened. They also react badly under pressure to change, especially in a hurry, or when changes in their way of life are forced on them by society.[..]

For these folks, security means financial assets, and they can be unsettled until they have a comfortable bank balance. They particularly want and need property, feeling much safer owning their own homes. Possessions are important as tangible forms of security, so many collect costly items. [..]

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