The Moon in the signs of the Zodiac indicates the person’s type of immediate emotional response to life’s situations. The Moon position also shows the kind of attitudes that were instilled in the individual by the family, in childhood. It shows in what manner early experiences have colored the emotional outlook. It determines how the person is likely to react to external influences and the actions of others. It is important in determining how the person conducts his home life and the type of relationship he has with his mother and with women in general. It ca~ indicate how the person responds to the public at large. It suggests attitudes in everyday affairs, domestic ones. The Moon position is also an indicator of eating habits and food preferences.


What the ancients said:

Activities & Morals: Lying, calumniation, over-anxious for health and comfort, generous in distributing food, too uxorious, levity in appropriate places, excellent spirits.

Manners: Simple, adaptable, a king among kings, a servant among servants, good-hearted, forgetful, loquacious, timid, reveals secrets, a lover of elegance, respected by people, cheerful, a lover of women, too anxious, not intellectually strong, much thought and talk.

Professions: Engaged in business matters, missions. agencies, accounting; strenuous in rel1gion and divine law, skill in all branches; practice of medicine, geometry, the higher sciences, measuring land and water; growing and cutting hair; selling food, silver rings and virgins. also indicates captivity, and prison for the deceptions of wizards.


The Moon Sign and Emotions

Living in a mechanized, high-pressure world, we become divorced from our feelings, at the cost of much emotional pain and self-defeating behavior. Some of us spend a great deal of money on therapists, who guide us in exploring our buried emotions and the reasons we keep acting in predictable, self-destructive patterns. Not that therapy doesn’t help, or that this book will replace therapy for those who really need it, but your Moon sign can provide valuable insights into less conscious parts of yourself, serving as a guidebook to the dark side of your Moon. So, even though the book is about astrology, it’s really about you and how you deal with these mysterious and ever-changing emotional responses.

If you take a look at the biggest mistakes of your life, many of them happen when you’re not paying attention to your real feelings and needs—or worse, when you’re trying to override your gut responses and ignore your instincts. Since all these areas—feelings, needs, instincts, and responses—are connected with the Moon sign, you often make the biggest mistakes of your life when you’re ignoring the Moon.

Not only does the Moon sign describe your predominant emotional reactions and how you deal with them, it also shows your immediate, instinctive responses to crises, which are predominantly emotional and unconscious in nature. Thus, the Moon sign represents complex parts of the personality that are extremely important to understand, precisely because they are less conscious than the Sun. You learned the characteristics related to your Moon sign in your mother’s arms, so early you can’t remember or verbalize them, certainly before you left the family circle to start school. Thus, your Moon sign has much to do with the kind of mother you had and what parts of your own nature and reaction patterns you learned from her. Since we live what we learn, it also shows what kind of parent you would be.

Donna Cunningham

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Aquarian are attuned to the future with me my rising sign is Cancer which is strongly linked to the past A HUGE contradiction there

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Hi, just wanted to inform the administration of this sight that they are missing a few libra signs, such as taurus moon, gemini moon, and leo moon. This likely applies to other combinations on the domain. I'd appreciate if these could be added for future studies. Thank you!

umm wow, i an aquarian woman, also have had a gemini friend who i met 10 yrs ago in college. throughout the years we have come in and out of contact but have always always had an unspeakable chemistry. “Rapid, fiery, intellectual” conversation could not be more spot on. This is how we sexually size each other up, and I’m just now acknowledging that this is how it has always been between us! It’s more than banter between these signs, it’s like intense mental probing, an intellectual tennis of sorts. I find that there are rarely gemini men with whom i don’t have chemistry, even as friends. Aquarians and Gems are just cerebrally flirty together. … but also much deeper. This compatibility report is SPOT ON.

Isnt it insane how accurate this is … I am the Gemini Female n my partner is the aquarius male .. Its soooo crazy!

i would like to comment on how much i agree with my sign(gemini)and aquarius, i have a good friend who i have known for 10 years meeting him in a charity shop where i worked at the time, and over the years we have grown quite close.(but we are not together….yet!) There is a close bond between a gemini and aquarius that no other star sign can comprehend. Thankyou for the compatibility report.

IM A LEO SUN, CAP MOON, SCORPIO RISING: So far, all I got is LEO is stupid and a loser to Capricorn, who is barely above Virgo. Honestly a Leo out witted by Capricorn lol, much less denied their staged? Beware fellow Leo's I smell a trap, a plot on our throne. I was married to a cap, and trust me, none of the traits or anything you say about Capricorn held true. And yes, spare me the different planets that make up their charts. To make all this better I also 7 years later ending up dating a cap...same exact thing. Sorry, never met a Capricorn that can truly outwit, out do ,must less do it better than a LEO. Maybe the truths hurts (us leos, maybe). What they can do is be sneaky, and get caught. What they will do is think they have done something, only to be called out and make a face all day or ignore reality that does not go their way. Honestly, take a leo and cap give that are equal and i believe they will tie, being a mirror of each. The key the leo does it through all the greatest of people, the charm, the happiness, friendship and that makes one feel good. Their tarot card is strength itself with the number 8 , turned for infinity, meaning endless strength. A cap could care less( oh how they pretend not to care) and will just coldy go about it, and end up alone....there is reason their tarot card is the devil...go figure. I can only guess this must represent the bad leo-cap compatibility, because the minute it was said that Capricorn is over leo(minus the whole lame karmic cycle skit) I was its as wrap. My fellow leos stay classy! Dang Linda you are usually always on point, what happen with this one and virgo.

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Okay first of all, yes I am somewhat of a workaholic.. But desire for money and material items has nothing to do with it. I just really feel like a bum when I'm not working. And by the way! I have 3 Leo placements sun (perfectly conjunct to my mercury) and I'm also a Leo moon!! So despite being an introvert, and despite being very picky about the people I choose to have around me, despite not giving a shit about the world of money and material.. I'm still just as much Leo as anybody you've ever met! I'm very proud of who I am as a person, and everything that makes me different. I'm super confident (introverted doesn't always mean shy!!!)I'm bold, I wear my heart on my sleeve, honest, loyal, smooth talker (especially under pressure) and yes also self centered, egotistical, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY ARROGANT 😀😁😂

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