Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon

You are a humanitarian, believing in people in the large, and likely to be at home in adventures of reform, social service, public duty, religion, and the like. If you go into public life it is as the devoted public servant rather than as the careerist. The missionary spirit is strong in you; you believe in the homely virtues, in moderation, in truth, in honor, and they form a sort of creed with you which you try to impress on others. You are not a very tolerant person and condemn roundly those who are of frailer mold than yourself, at the same time that you are eager to help them achieve strength. You are orthodox in your religious beliefs – in fact, somewhat pious; and if you aren’t careful you’ll find yourself developing a holier-than-thou attitude. Try to believe that other people know what they are about even if their methods and beliefs are different from yours. You are emotionally ardent and sincere, with a real sympathy and understanding for people you love, and you endear yourself to those around you through courtesy, affability, and a sense of humor which does not, however, interfere with your fundamentally serious attitude toward life. You are temperamental, capable of enjoying yourself in company-and going home to brood and gloom about the state of the nation or the fact that there is a war on in Ethiopia. If you get something like this on your mind with sufficient intensity, you are perfectly capable of trying to do something about it single-handed; or at least you will sit down and write a letter to the editor about it, signed “Pro Bono Publico” or “Pax Vobiscum.” You have great faith in the power of the spoken or written word to make converts to a cause and are a powerful and persuasive speaker or writer. You are likely to keep after someone in your circle till you have made him a convert to your cause, which may be Prohibition, the Church, the League for Peace, or any one of the humanitarian movements that are so important to you. In private life you are an upright citizen, a pillar of the Church, and of government, law, and order; and because of these qualities you are respected, loved, and trusted.

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