Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising

Imagination teams up with ingenuity! What a deal! With Aquarius’ original approach to everything and the Piscean eye for illusion, these people can conceive of the most wondrous things, from a glamorous painting on the wall to the most beautiful crescendo you’ve ever heard. Cosmic Pisces and galactic Aquarius aren’t so encumbered by earth and its ways—in this life they’ve come to earth with talent and wizardry. And if they’ve learned to apply it, the sky’s the limit. It might even be their destination—the sky, that is.

These Pisceans are always sitting close to the people in charge. Their talents don’t usually go unnoticed when there’s a powerful purpose at hand, and they love being part of the team. They’re often the gatekeepers of power because they’re innately wary of people, but they need to avoid going overboard with that. If they develop an overweening “everybody’s trying to rip me off” distrust that follows them into their personal lives, it will obscure the more gentle and kind qualities of Pisces. Sure, there’s a time and a place for requiring explanations and checking credentials, but it’s not while hanging out with friends or sitting at the dinner table with loved ones. Lowering their guard a little when it’s time to relax and enjoy good company is highly recommended here. These folks have enough Pisces Florence Nightingale within them to bandage people’s wounds and warm their hearts, so if they’ll share their tender mercies wherever they’re needed they’ll be known to all as awesome power brokers and genuinely nice people.

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