Pisces Sun Aries Moon

You have a judicial type of mind, aware, alert, and intuitive, relating knowledge, life, principles and ideals strictly to yourself, and then allowing your concepts to take in general principles. You are naturally reserved, although a vitality of manner makes you appear less so than you really are. Behind the expansiveness of approach you have a private life of your own that remains untouched, and you are forming judgments of people and events all the time. You are rather more self-sufficient than you appear; you like to reach forth from your private world and influence other people at the same time that you remain detached and a little proud and aloof. Your self-respect is tremendous and, working hand in hand with your independence of spirit, carries you along in the world. There is something solid and substantial about you that other people trust.

You are affectionate and somewhat ardent in love, though you are touchy and easily offended. You are a trifle quarrelsome and have something of a chip on your shoulder – in your manner, at least. You are temperamental in the real sense, and temperament, anger, bafflement, and frustration make you nervous and rebound on you so that you are likely to be more hurt than your opponent. You need peace and calm and shouldn’t let the more aggressive side of your nature disturb the repose that is so needful to the other side. You have about you an air of authority which is confusing to less positive people who are always relieved to find out that you aren’t as unyielding as you appear. You are very sympathetic and understanding, and your bravado is in the nature of a protective shell around a very sensitive core.

This is a business and professional rather than an artistic position. Your aggressive nature deals with other people better than with abstractions or ideals, and your magnetism helps you to success in material matters through your ability to organize and manage.

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