Pisces Sun Aries Rising

Now here’s a delicate person with a childlike charm. Attractive and absolutely fascinating, these Pisceans just can’t go unnoticed, although they might prefer to. Drawing attention and attracting a crowd is rarely Pisces’ ultimate objective. And if there’s too much heat and intensity, these people are apt to disappear like a beautiful tropical fish, darting away or blending into the coral. These are the less obtrusive but still provocative movie stars for whom the flashing cameras and the endless line of paparazzi are a bit too demanding. Aries’ childlike honesty, bubbly enthusiasm, and boundless energy make these people less withdrawn and secretive than other Pisceans, so it’s easier for them to build trust with people. They’re less likely to isolate themselves. But they’re still Pisceans, so they’ll take cover if there’s too much scrutiny and pressure. And that’s not always bad! They do need their time alone to regenerate themselves.

With Pisces’ interest in medicine and Aries’ quick, hard-body efficiency, these folks make marvelous doctors. In any vocation, they surprise their peers with their effectiveness. But a Pisces sun sign takes the edge off of Aries’ brash impatience, so they’re less likely to show up inconveniently early. Pisceans never want to be an inconvenience. Rushing, bothering, and annoying people is certainly going to invite confrontation—and Pisceans abhor confrontation! But the energy level here is still amazing. With Pisces’ penchant for the nighttime and Aries’ early morning vitality, Pisceans with Action Aries rising can work two shifts a day and still enjoy dinner at the nightclub or take in a late show with friends. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed Aries is alive and well in this combination, and four or five hours of sleep a night and a catnap here and there is sometimes all these people need.

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