Pisces Sun Cancer Moon

You are a dramatist, and the play you are most interested in is the drama of You. You are sensitive, alert to the opinion and feelings of the world around you and, through a sort of sixth sense, able to give the public what it wants almost before it knows it wants it. You are courteous, kind, considerate, and genuinely charitable, willing to give to the poor and needy even if you have to make sacrifices yourself to do it. You are really a very shy person, and your personality and forcefulness is the product of rigid self-discipline, for you have overcome timidity and stage fright and made yourself go forward into the public eye. You have converted timidity into sensitiveness and fear into an understanding of other people – and after you understand them you don’t have to be afraid of them: you know how to handle them. You can be successful as an actor, doctor, nurse, minister, diplomat or detective – any place where a knowledge of the mental and emotional workings of others is an asset. You have a certain flair for business, but this will probably show forth in your management of your own property rather than in a business career, for you seek a purely personal type of expression and will do best if you land in the arts or the professions. Emotionally, you are so acutely sensitive to impressions that you have a very romantic life, not without its ups and downs and inconstancies. You take offense readily and can drive people crazy with the intensity of your hurt and bewilderment over apparently trifling things. You are moody and temperamental, after the manner of an April day. This is a good position for material well-being.

You are so versatile that you are likely to follow two careers (not to mention two sweethearts) at the same time, and do well with each. One way or another, you tend to lead a “double life” and obey the Biblical injunction of not letting the left hand know what the right doeth. OK so long as you don’t get snarled up.

Grant Lewi

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