Pisces Sun Cancer Rising

So much depends on how wisely objective these people are about themselves and their circumstances. There’s a lot of totally subjective watery emotion here that can quickly turn in on itself, so if they’re unable to stand off and see themselves in context they’re apt to be too influenced by the opinions of others. Pisceans with Cancer rising are some of the most unassuming, gentle-hearted people on the planet. They’re very involved in the lives of their loved ones; family is all-important to them, and nurturing loved ones is usually their Number One priority. And they’re extremely industrious. When Cancer’s willing-worker kicks in, everyone within shouting distance is well fed and bedded down comfortably. These Pisceans are buzz saws on the job, and after hours and on weekends they apply the same energy and industriousness to sniffing out bargains and wheedling good deals. Cancer’s thrifty nickel is in full bloom here. They use the shrewdness of Pisces and the cageyness of Cautious Cancer to come at things sideways, getting what they want in the cleverest of ways. They’re superb at letting people think they’re up to one thing when they’re really up to something else—reading their motives can be a challenge. But their light touch is so inoffensive! They’re not Scorpion dangerous, but a crab will still pinch you. Nonetheless, they’re beloved in the neighborhood because they have the greatest garage sales and their soup bowl is big enough to feed everyone. They’re sometimes painfully aware of the necessities of life, so they save everything; their attics are bulging with things they’re fully convinced will be of use in the future. And if not, they’ll give the stuff to some poor family—or sell it at the garage sale!

Pisceans born early afternoon deserve recognition and gratitude for their wonderfully gentle efforts, their endless contributions, and their common decency. They really need to be appreciated for their delicate, nurturing nature, and they deserve the same emotional support they so willingly give to others. The key here is objectivity and a willingness to stand their ground. Because these kind-hearted, industrious worker bees reap their rewards the old fashioned way: They earn them!

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