Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon

You are worldly wise, and you combine with your sensitiveness and perceptivity a large amount of concentrated driving power which impels you to worldly success. You are conscious of large values, philosophic and abstract concepts, but they are significant to you chiefly in terms of what use the world can make of them and what use you can make of them in your own progress. Through being able to combine the ideal and the practical, the abstract and the concrete, you capture the imagination of men.

You are deeply ambitious, eager that your worth should find recognition in the world; and through adaptability and a sense of other people’s emotions and motives you are likely to go far in the business or political world. You are daring, though not exactly courageous; you are willing to take a chance, even when you are timid about the outcome; and you are able to cover over your inner jitteriness with a great show of bravado. You have a strong personality, considerable reserve, and a good deal of secretiveness; before you take people into your confidence you work things out in your own mind till the plans are complete. You are in this way an executive, a planner, and a doer, able both to do yourself and to get others to do for you. You are strong for duty and the fulfilling of obligations, and your word is as good as your bond; similarly you expect every man to do his duty and won’t brook loafing on the job in those who work for you. Emotionally you are a most satisfactory person, both sensitive and reserved and not generally demanding much from those you love except fair treatment and a judicious amount of affection. You are only moderately jealous, but can appear more so if you want to make a point. You are something of an actor, anyway, and you have an accurate sense of the audience you are dealing with.

Material things are important to you, though with this materialism you combine a philosophic approach to things that makes you a balanced and interesting, as well as a successful, person.


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