Pisces Sun Capricorn Rising

Here comes the “keeper of the keys.” These people are always in favor with the boss because they do what’s expected plus, with an “I hope I can do everything right and keep everything peaceful” Pisces attitude. They’re among the most dependable and silently helpful folks on the planet. With a calm, cool, collected Capricorn personality, these “walk softly” Pisceans carry a big authoritarian stick. They bide their time and go with the flow, scrupulously avoiding confrontation and intensity as all Pisceans do, but less from Piscean fear and more from respect for others. They’re wonderful at giving people their space. And even if there’s error, they’ll respectfully give you all the rope you need to hang yourself. The Wise Old Goat gives these Pisceans a more earthly-wise understanding of the bad-joke planet Earth; they’re realistic and sensible and not as given to unrealistic anxieties because they understand the ways of the world. They build and depend on the approval they’ve earned since kindergarten—they’ve always pleased their teachers, parents, and every other superior they’ve encountered, so they know they’re in good stead with the people in charge and rest easy in that knowledge.

But as always with Capricorn, there’s not a lot of obvious warmth, so these Pisceans do need to avoid appearing cold, un-giving, and even calculating. When shrewd Pisces blends with “play the angles” Capricorn, there’s an ability to manipulate people, and that can be productive if they’re fair in their manipulation. They just need to make it clear from the beginning that they have everyone’s best interests at heart and that the best manipulator of all is in the front office, and always called “the boss.” Getting what they want while making sure that others benefit equally is the boss’s job. As long as all parties understand that everyone’s going to have their cake and eat it, too, these Pisceans will never make an enemy—and for Peaceful Pisces with respectful Capricorn rising, that should always be the ultimate goal.

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