Pisces Sun Gemini Moon

Alternate flexibility and stubbornness, both badly timed, cause you trouble. You will yield when you should be firm and stand your ground when the part of good sense is to give way. This is a result of a fundamental lack of self-confidence, which your extremely voluble and expressive nature belies. You can talk readily and convincingly, and until your associates learn that you talk chiefly to convince yourself they will think you a highly opinionated person. What you must learn is not to talk until your mind is made up, for frequently what issues from your mouth is a great surprise to your ears, and you have to get used to your own ideas even as you are trying to sell them to someone else. This is true in both intellectual and emotional matters – it isn’t exactly that you jump to conclusions, but that you simply jump and take a gamble on what conclusion you will land in. There is a good deal of timidity here, and you are thrown off your balance and confused by hard, determined, unkind, or very opinionated people. In the presence of weaker intellects you are reasonable and delight in your tolerance; but in the presence of someone whom you feel to be stronger than yourself you assert yourself with arguments and, since your reasoning is not always right, you lose out. Thus you are beloved of people who work under you but not by your bosses and, until you learn not to be so stubborn when opposed, your path of progress will be made difficult by your handling of opposition. This is a rather better position for a woman than for a man, for in a woman it is intellectual mobility rather than indecision. But in either sex the chief danger in life is from lack of ability to make up the mind constructively.

This position inclines, in either sex, to more than one marriage and popularity with the other sex; also to considerable variety in the emotional life and some depression and dejection through it.

Grant Lewi

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