Pisces Sun Gemini Rising

A peaceful, “don’t rock the boat” Pisces with a chatty, “icing on the cake” personality and a willingness to take charge and give direction—now that’s a special set of characteristics! Most take-charge types are more intimidating than these folks, but here there’s a craving for open dialogue with everyone, whether it’s their underlings or the boss. Youthful, spry, and almost always inoffensive, Pisceans with Gemini rising are the most conversant Pisceans of all. They’re the friendly folks you want to ride in the elevator with, always offering a nicety for the day: “Hi, how are ya? Where ya from? I’ve been there. See ya later.” Their cordiality is sincere and even entertaining. There are quick minds at work here, powered by a fanciful imagination; their curiosity is insatiable. They usually love to read, and fiction is often their literary cup of tea. And if they’ve read an interesting book or heard an interesting tidbit of information, they’ll readily share it at the water cooler.

But they’re well-intended, nice people and gifted managers—their noontime birth usually puts them in charge. They hire good people, they facilitate cooperation and teamwork, and they leave their team alone to do their jobs their own way. They value their own space so much that they usually give others the same consideration. Some of their downtime might even be spent in meditation: It helps them center and calm their restless minds and peaceful egos. Even a little quiet concentration now and then might be just the ticket to ensure that they’ve organized their thoughts enough to communicate clearly, truthfully, and effectively the next time they exercise their silver tongues.

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