Pisces Sun Leo Moon

You are a somewhat contradictory person, alternately aggressive and reticent, and at all times overcoming a fundamental timidity which your rather expansive personality belies if one doesn’t look below the surface. You have private fears, forebodings, and worries that do not find expression in your apparently fearless and competent manner. There are deep wells of your consciousness that few people are aware of and of which you yourself are not completely aware. You are sociable, many times, when you would rather be alone – and contrariwise, you are frequently discontented when you are alone and long for companionship. You can, in a very genuine sense, be “alone in a crowd” – not for lack of personality or popularity, but because you tend to withdraw into yourself. You have great abilities, mental and artistic, which do not find ready expression. You give the impression that there are many things you could do if you wanted to. You fail to because of a fundamental lack of willingness to engage in competition. Your apparent sureness is a manner rather than an actuality; you have a great admiration for accomplishment in others but probably won’t try to equal or surpass what has already been done. When you are not in a mood or a dejected state, you are excellent company, with a lively sense of humor, kind and considerate of others, generous and charitable, broad-minded in your outlook. If you ever become cross, snappy, or ill-tempered, it is because in some way you have been reminded of your lack of sureness – because you are putting up a defense against some real or imagined enemy of your emotional security. Emotionally, you are romantic, imaginative, impressionable, sensitive, and loyal – loyalty is a fetish with you, and your affections once given are never withdrawn. You are very needful of affection, sympathy, love, and understanding and will be the devoted servant of anyone who gives them to you.

This position is indicative of considerable luck in life.

Your hardest lesson is the cultivation of inner poise to match the outward manifestations of courage and conviction. And your effort should be to see the world as it is rather than as your apprehensive spirit tends to imagine it. Realism is your safest and surest guide and you should avoid tendencies to metaphysics, spiritualism, and psychic research, which can gain a dangerously strong hold on you.

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