Pisces Sun Leo Rising

Now here’s a wild imagination teamed up with an ability to leave big impressions. And when an artistic Pisces ego teams with theatrical Leo the actor nsing—you get people who love drama! They’re masterful at creating an image and presenting it in the most impressive ways. And they’re adept at selling themselves and their concepts. Now that’s a switch for reclusive Pisces! The natural shyness of Pisces is all but lost with Leo rising, and with their up-on-the-stage demeanor and their craving for attention, these folks might not be easily recognizable as whimsical Pisceans. There’s usually a penchant for jewelry here, too. But Pisces is fascinating and Leo says “Look at me!” so a little outlandishness might be exactly what’s intended. There’s no Piscean “shrinking violet” hide-and-go-seek routine here! These people present themselves as sturdy and capable, with a heaping helping of out-front, lion-hearted courage. They inspire confidence with an “I can handle it” attitude. But they’re still Pisceans, so their motive may be totally obscured. They’re not apt to shy from center stage, but it’s anybody’s guess as to what they’re really up to. Just remember that Pisces is a master of illusion, so buckle up for a surprise ending. And don’t step on their pride!

But the key here is using that Lordly Leo personality to get attention, spark interest, and open doors. With their heavenly kindness, artistic talent, and vivid imagination, Pisceans have a lot to offer the world—they’re just sometimes so doggoned hard to find. They hide themselves as if they’ve something to be ashamed of. A dose of “Look at me!” Leo is just what the doctor ordered.

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