Pisces Sun Libra Moon

Your aesthetic qualities are strongly marked; you strive for self-expression through the arts or through religion or philosophy. Whatever you go in for, you have a sort of consecrated and devotional attitude toward it. You are strongly sensuous, and you give whatever you touch a romantic and idealistic glamour. Appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect is your aim or should be your aim. Intellectually, you are capable of taking a fine education, but you are fundamentally not an intellectual but an intuitive type. You can drown your gifts in a sea of facts, and verbiage if you go in for too technical matters. Your control can be over the hearts, rather than over the minds, of men and when your intellect is working under the spell of inspiration you can produce marvels that strike to the roots of humanity with a strange eerie quality. You should not go in for spiritualism, mediumship, or mysticism of any sort, for this can gain a great hold on you; but you should develop an automatic quality to what you say, do, write, or speak, for your best self comes out when you are completely off guard. You have a deep and active subconscious, and to bring about the fluent expression of it, unhindered by the world and even by intellectual considerations, should be your aim. You are capable of falling into bad emotional muddles through a sort of irritating consciousness that you aren’t working as a unit and of trying to rationalize yourself out of them. As a matter of fact, rationalization is one of your worst enemies. You can believe anything which it suits your emotional purposes to believe and, under stress of disappointment, frustration, or slow progress, can further impede your getting ahead by thinking too much, analyzing too much, and acting too little on impulse.

You are one of the few people in the world who is best when undisciplined, for although a certain amount of education and self-control is necessary, you tend to press yourself into a mold more completely than is necessary, and to set up complexes due to the repression. Contrary to psychoanalytical dogma, in your case this is not sexual repression but emotional and intellectual repression. You need to let go, internally, so that the expression which is so important to you may flow of its own volition. When you do this you will be amazed at the increased happiness, fluency, and success of your life.

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