Pisces Sun Libra Rising

Well, let’s create some harmony and some win-win situations for everyone! These exceptionally kind, considerate people strive to be productive, care for living things, and help others realize equitable solutions. They’re superb at striking a happy medium and keeping everyone satisfied. After all, Pisces is the best listener in the zodiac, and Likable Libra wants to be fair. With their wonderful social skills and an innate ability to “share and share alike,” These Pisceans constantly earn favor with their polite words and kind deeds. They’re more outgoing than many other Pisceans and much less fearful of disclosure. And Pisceans born early evening aren’t as wary of confrontation because they know how to nip contention in the bud with their agreeable diplomacy. There’s a keen understanding here that “one hand washes the other,” so these folks almost always know just what to bring to the table to be well-received and still complete their purpose. And if worse comes to worst and no agreement is possible, their Libra sense of “wait and see” enables them to go with the flow until the fog dissipates and the options improve. But don’t pressure them for decisions! They’re waiting for an inspiring option to appear.

But there’s still a lack of objectivity here that’s too often inherent in us all. So these people need to be particularly wise about their involvements, both business and personal. It could be said that their relationships will either make or break them. Many prospective partners and colleagues may come knocking, but these Pisceans need to be selective and remember that truly compatible relationships are supposed to be easy, not difficult. This is especially true with close friendships and romance. Compatibility is essential here. If their relationships are flawed, they’ll be pulled off-center and lose their way. There’s too much “I don’t wanna be alone” with sharing Libra. Their obliging nature and their “keep it peaceful at all costs” Pisces caves in far too easily, and ultimately they cheat themselves out of their just rewards. They just need to be fair to themselves to ensure success and happiness.

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