Pisces Sun Pisces Moon

You are an unusual person, interested in unusual and out-of-the-way studies, people, ideas – and a good deal interested in yourself. You are highly introspective, with the result that the outer world seems an odd, if not completely insane, place to you and most people either crazy, stupid, or full of weird notions. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you’re the one with the weird notions, and that you are like the soldier who wrote home that the whole company was out of step except himself? A tendency to withdraw into yourself to nurse some private idea that you can’t get across or won’t bother to get across makes you strangely inaccessible, and though you appear tractable, reasonable, interested in other people and other ideas, you are in reality all wound up inside, building more stately mansions for your soul – like the chambered Nautilus – while you are letting the world go hang. You need to keep a firm grip on reality, and the more conventionally you live and think, and the more you try to understand and conform with other people’s ideas and methods, the happier you will be. The danger of your private life – your internal existence – is that you will gradually become so isolated in your viewpoint, thinking, and living as to be very lonely. You are so sensitive that you are afraid of being hurt by contact with the world; you are not courageous and prefer withdrawal to encounter. Although in exceptional cases your tact and sensitiveness may lead you to positions of authority, your execution is likely to be weak, though you are painstaking and accurate in details and very strong for duty and fulfilling obligations. Mentally you are quick, perceptive, intuitive, with an almost mystic belief in your hunches; and when not emotionally involved, your hunches are likely to be all right. Emotion throws you off.

Grant Lewi

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