Pisces Sun Pisces Rising

Pisceans with Peaceful Pisces rising are extra soft-hearted, whimsical, and kind, and they’re sometimes fascinating and glamorous. They’ve an obviously delicate quality about them, and they draw people to them with their empathy. They mean to be helpful, but when faced with people who are just too emotionally needy, they feel the pain so keenly that they transfer it to themselves. Sometimes, however, if they’re more in tune with their spiritual side, they can magically let the pain pass through them, relieving both the other person and themselves. There’s a genuine Florence Nightingale spirit here, and a wonderful ability to patiently listen, but they’re so very delicate. They might be very white-skinned, with long, slender fingers and toes, and they sometimes have very full lips. And they think better with their shoes off. So if they’ve big issues to consider, it might be a good idea to kick off the old Nikes.

In the workplace, if Pisceans born at dawn are left alone to perform their duties without being subjected to undue intensity or pressure, they complete things with precision, always finely polished and on time. They won’t require fanfare, challenge the boss, or make waves with colleagues. But once voices are raised and confrontation is at hand, they’ll either disappear—POOF!—or break down under the intensity. And when they’re extremely talented and accomplished—and they often are—there’s a potential for arrogance, in which case they won’t take kindly to even the most constructive criticism. Sadly, there’s sometimes a prima donna lurking just beneath the surface. They’re often drawn to medical careers, movie sets, or the fine arts. And they deal with the strains of those conditions by making themselves scarce. They’re master allocators when they need to be, conveniently disappearing behind a closed door or the velvet curtain to allow others to carry out their duties and put on the show—but always with the same freedom they request for themselves.


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