Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

You are a progressive thinker, in the forefront of the thought of your times and possibly ahead of it. Through vision, foresight, and expressiveness you can be a large influence on those around you; you think in large, broad terms, in either scientific or social matters. You think so naturally in abstractions and generalities that, without strict intellectual training, you may be a completely impractical visionary, unable to cope with the world, unable to see the trees because of the forest, and thus making progress difficult. With education – whether formal or self-gained – your extraordinary breadth of viewpoint and your deep wisdom of insight bring you to the fore rank of thinkers; and either in science, sociology, or literature you rise to respect and authority. You are a highly expansive person and may try to spread your energies too thinly, over too wide a field of knowledge or endeavor; you should pin yourself down to a specialty and master it. A certain spiritual quality attaches to everything you do; you seem at one moment of the earth earthy; and at another like a prophet from another plane.

You have tremendous confidence in yourself and your mission, whether you feel that it is world-shaking or confined to a narrow circle of intimates. You create your own opportunities, and doors open up to you; though, on the face of things, you are not really aggressive. Your imagination works in staggering symbols, huge canvases, in great sweeping thoughts and magnificant expressions of them. There is something heroic about your intellectual and imaginative processes that dwarfs competitors, who may none the less reap more material rewards than you do. Definitely, you are not a materialist, and if the world gives you a living you are content to go on with your work. You are an idealist through and through and have some of the naivete that attaches to idealism, in spite of your intuitive wisdom.

You should learn concentration and through development of your intellectual and imaginative powers seek to express the ideas, thoughts, and concepts that are so natural to you. Stay away from metaphysics, which tempts you, and stick to the provable and demonstrable facts of either science or the professions or arts.

Grant Lewi

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