Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon

You are a keen person, perceptive, intuitive, with a razor-like swiftness of thought and an ability to put things together in strange and unusual combinations. Your sense of humor is extraordinary, and you can see the whimsical, the humorous, the ridiculous, or the pathetic in your fellow creatures – and in yourself. Fundamentally a serious person, you have a kind of perverse habit of philosophic laughter. Even when you appear to be clowning, there is a serious undercurrent to your ludicrousness. You brood a good deal and are capable of falling into profound periods of dejection and depression. You lead a private life of your own that is not always a happy one, for when you aren’t thinking of the woes of the world you are thinking of your own private troubles.

You have a lively imagination and if you aren’t careful can believe in things that aren’t true. You are especially liable to superstition and very likely believe in dreams and fancy yourself something of a Joseph in matters of dream interpretation. You have a somewhat morbid interest in death, the fate of the dead, and your own fate. You believe in the survival of personality and may think you have reason to believe it proved. You are a fair business man, if you let yourself go in for business. But your best bent is professional, artistic, or musical, for you need self-expression of a personal sort. In romantic matters, you are impressionable and impressive, having a profound effect on members of the opposite sex and meriting their love by giving love in return. This isn’t a position that makes for fidelity, but rather for variety, in the love-life.

Grant Lewi

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