Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising

It’s anybody’s guess where these people are coming from. All you can do is look for warmth in their eyes and watch their behavior—and there’s apt to be lots of behavior to watch! Scorpio’s “full of gusto” is alive and well here, so these Pisceans are tremendously active and big contributors to boot. Scorpio’s intensity creates a lot of desire, and they tackle their chores with carnivorous purpose. They’re simply “do it now and think about it later.” They know exactly what they came for, and they fully intend to go home with it. But getting them to actually state their case might be impossible. Putting their cards on the table just doesn’t come naturally to them.

The handiness of Scorpio and the vivid imagination of Pisces gives these people a lot of artistry, however they choose to express it. But whatever their occupation, they prefer to be left alone to fulfill their duties at their own vigorous pace, focused and undistracted. They don’t like to be interrupted by micromanaging bosses or by colleagues who want to take a break and chat about their plans for the weekend. With good character, they work hard for their money and invest their resources wisely. But with poor character, there might be some shifty behavior because they soon discover that they’re masterful at covering their tracks, and they believe—usually with solid evidence—that they’ll get away with it. This is a dangerous path for anyone to travel, not just Pisceans, because not only is it just plain wrong, it’s earthly foolish. It never shows a profit over the long haul. Eventually, it will be time to pay the piper. So Pisceans with Mysterious Scorpio rising are well-advised to be a little more outgoing, a little more visible, and on the up-and-up. There’s always a healthy dose of Florence Nightingale in the Pisces ego, so helping people and caring for living things brings them a peace and a fulfillment that’s fully satisfying. They’re most beloved when they’re gentle and willing and courageous enough to keep from—POOF!—disappearing when people have come to trust and depend on them. Emphasizing their positive traits is their ticket to happiness.

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