Pisces Sun Taurus Moon

You are an extremely sociable person with much social tact. You are sensitive almost to a fault, but you make up for this with an equally acute sense of the other person’s feelings and wishes, which you’ll go out of your way to avoid hurting. You are thus very easy to get along with, tractable and agreeable – except when you are opposed, when you can be very stubborn. You will not be imposed upon and have an equal dislike for imposing upon others. You tend to be somewhat formal in social matters and like to have the give-and-take evened off so that no one is in anyone else’s debt. You are artistic either in a creative or appreciative way, and, although you have innate sense for business, will generally be found in the artistic or professional careers. Medicine, the ministry, writing, singing, music of some sort – these interest you more than competitive matters.

The struggle for existence is likely to be easy for you, for this is a lucky position and, through inherited security, or the ready flow of money to you, economic matters are generally taken care of. You are especially sensitive to music and probably play or sing well; in any case, you will be found among the patrons of the opera or concerts. You will rarely be found doing anything gauche or ill-mannered or saying the wrong thing. You are especially flattering in speech, apparently having kissed the Blarney Stone, and you like flattery. You have a lot of self-respect and like to feel that other people appreciate you. This is because, despite all your apparent poise and social graces, you are really a rather uncertain person, not sure of yourself, and therefore liking to hear nice things about yourself, to which you react with true gratitude. You are a loyal friend and will have loyal friends around you. In love, you are devoted, though your highly sensitive nature may make trouble in matters of the emotions. You can be ruled by love but not by anger or in fact by any kind of discipline, for you kick over the traces and run away if you think anyone is trying to lord it over you.

Grant Lewi

Taurus Moon/Pisces Sun

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Empathic, collaborative and generous;
  • Negatives: Vengeful, easily offended and quick to deny things;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is practical and organized;
  • Advice: You need to find happiness through your own simple actions.

Looking for comfortable love

As far as love goes, Pisces Sun Taurus Moon individuals are devoted and loyal. However, what can trouble them is their emotionality. They like to be ruled by love, yet they don’t allow their partner to control them. It’s more about the feeling, not about the person.

The Pisces Sun Taurus Moon man

The man with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Taurus can be considered lucky for he can find money making opportunities anywhere. And he’s good at investing and working hard.

He knows luck comes to him because of these reasons. He’s the type of guy who worries about inflation and retirement in his twenties. That’s why he will make investments for the future.

The Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman

As a child, the Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman was most likely happy and open. But as an adult, she’s more reserved and composed. Behind all the quiet attitude, there’s a nice and well-intended person.

As a Pisces, she will always struggle to cope with reality. People will take advantage of her because of this. She has some inner contradictions because the Fish want a break from life but Bulls don’t.

While attached to her home and better off alone, she will feel great in the company of good friends. A hard worker, her colleagues will always appreciate her. She wants someone to help her shine.

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